the avant garde

due to a sacred music conference that ben was a part of, i spent a bunch of time last week knitting to avant garde organ music. ben shot this picture of me sitting in the balcony at this crazy beautiful church. maybe, if i didn’t want to be noticed, i shouldn’t have worn neon pink and then sat under a light.  but i got a lot of knitting done!

at one of the other concerts, i was sitting next to one of ben’s friends’ partners.  he was bored.  i had mostly finished a square hat earlier on that night, so i put it in his hands and silently showed him how to do the knit stitch.  he knit for the rest of the concert.  a good reason to always have a square hat on the circular needles and with me at all times?  i think so.

p.s. the church above has both a sewing room and an old school bowling alley.  so.  freaking.  cool.  and john, the aforementioned friend, has the most beautiful church office i’ve ever seen… and he’s just the organ scholar.  i could live in that church.

10 thoughts on “the avant garde

  1. teehee. that photo is hilarious. you are definitely a-glow. i too sit in the balcony at my church and knit during the service, but only when there is no one else up there, which is often.

  2. Wow, sounds like a really cool event! Your idea about the square hat is a really good one. I might have to start doing that too. Maybe my friends will do my knitting for me!

  3. OH I Envy you, the beauty of your surroundings and the opportunity to have the time to enjoy it with organ music to knit by……that’s a wonderful day.
    Love your knits and blog.

  4. What a great photo- I’ve had an extremely stressful day, and just looking at you sitting and peacefully knitting away took me down a couple of notches. Thanks ;-) The church sounds lovely!

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