so. what have i learned at SOAR that i’ve been using in my spinning? besides better technique ;)


this particular dye session, i dyed a bunch of wool in 6 oz batches, pulled out 2 oz of each and kept them aside to play with later. then, i picked one of those 2 oz bundles as a main color. so like in my SOAR hat i kept one color constant. that color is the one you see on the far left in the photos below.

mixing yarns 3

the next yarn over is the mixed yarn, with one ply of the constant color.

mixing yarns 2

the next three yarns are the colors of the second ply. here i split off the right amount of 3 colors, then split them into two again so that it would self stripe like my SOAR hat. however, i think that because my colorways have so many colors in them, it will not be quite the same drama of striping.

mixing yarns 1

i really like how they turned out, playing plus plying my yarns back on themselves is a win win situation.  so you could say i was encouraged to do some of this from SOAR and some of it from my insistence that my SOAR skeins should all be knit together into a hat.

and lastly, at some point i wiggled in a teensy tiny big of play spinning.

long draw merino

i had some batts from a trade with tala of blackcat handspun which i thought perfect for practicing my medium and long draw worsted style spinning. so. much. fun.

so squishy and half local farm wool merino. destined to be used in the warming of my neck in a very snuggly manner.

4 thoughts on “lessons

  1. I don’t know most of what you are talking about but those yarns are SO delicious. I’m going to learn how to spin someday, because it looks too good not to.

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