blue faced

hmmm. you haven’t really seen pics of yarn in quite a while… indeed, i sold a bunch i never even got around to photographing!!  so i thought an onslaught was in order. all 3-4 oz. all bfl. now i’m working on some shetland from ohio and some falkland.

cirilia picked as her prize the middle one here. i’m excited about the far right one – striping brown and green.

3-ply – navajo/chain plied. these two are both enamoring.



the middle one here is as close as i’ve come to alaska in january

mixtures of some of the colorways ala my SOAR hat – more on that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “blue faced

  1. I went to the MI fiber fest this year with the sole goal of purchasing BFL to spin; alas, only ONE booth had any, and in colors I wasn’t so sure I loved. I snatched it up anyway, because I’m dying to try it.

    The woman who sold it to me thought that trends in spinning fibers were to blame; last year BFL was hot, and this year she was selling lots more merino/tencel blends. Do you find this is true? Also, do you love BFL? I’ve heard such amazing things about it.

  2. beautiful yarns! I especially like the one with the hot pink in the mix. Looks like you could pile them all up and jump on them like a big pile of leaves.

    Very soft and squishy.

  3. Wow! What a great variety of colors and weights. How very exciting. :D I want to try combining different dyed plies. My favorites are the greens! Especially everything in the first photo.

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