i cooked.  we ate.  we played boardgames.  we relaxed.  i dyed wool.  we talked on the phone A LOT.  it was nice.  and by we, i mean ben and i.  but i also set a goal to finish this little sweater.  holidays seem like my sabbath to me, a good time to focus on some gift knitting – clear my mind and focus on others.  this little one is for someone in my knitting group who had her third boy 8 months ago.  when i first met her she was very pregnant.  i finished the second sleeve and the hood on thursday, picked up the edging stitches, and knit the first couple of rows.  on friday i finished it, sewed in the ends, put the buttons on, finished the edging.  one more baby sweater to go…

C’s Tomten
c's tomten

of course, there is a significant amount of the bright apple green that my camera hates. overall, the sweater is BRIGHT!  fun!  adventurous!  i’ll try to come by a photo of him in it.

artyarns supermerino – a gift from my mother-in-law that was going to be some knee highs, but it waited in the stash too long and voila!
one ball cascade 220 superwash

c's tomten

the irony of the superwash in this sweater? the mama cloth dipers with wool soakers, likes wool, would know how to wash wool and love to have regular wool.  but it was the yarn that worked and it was in the stash.

this was my first tomten and a very fun knit.  i like EZ because i can read her short pithy directions and mostly memorize the section i’m working on.  i still prefer the bsj :) of course, but i must say i’m dying to see that little hood on the little head!!

c's tomten
better colors!

7 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. alright! this is really rad — great bright colors for babies. I’ve yet to knit ez, but i’ve got my sights set on an adult tomten for a christmas (a totally unreasonable goal? perhaps… but at least I can look at your lovely!)

  2. Luv it! I like bright colors too. That jacket is on my long list of things to do. I always wonder how many hours are invested in each project?

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