spotting local woolies

1. local harvest rocks for finding local wool! so far i ordered two lbs of cvm roving from this farm.

2. the new twist collective is awesome. i must make this.

3. now that winter is upon many of us, i have a question. what do you look like in all of your woolie woolens when you leave the house? here’s my recent incarnation of and snuggly goodness. as you can see, i can’t stop wearing my hat.  and as i mentioned before, PINK!!

for a contest

i’d love to see a picture of you in yours… so here’s a little contest. post a photo in flickr or on a blog. then come back and comment on this blog entry with a link to your photo and i’ll use the random number generator to choose a winner of a skein of the handspun i’m spinning for Bizarre Bazaar. fun fun. and don’t forget there’s also a contest for a copy of my book here in the sidebar for a bit longer.  the winter woolies contest will end in a week, on the 27th at 9 eastern time.

4.  and just cause it’s silly – check out the top 13 search terms that hit my blog in the last 3 months.

cosymakes 324
knit neck warmer 125
knitted neck warmer 111
pixie hood 43
knit neck warmer pattern 43
knitted neck warmer pattern 40
knitted neck warmers 36
smoke ring pattern 33
neck warmer knitted 33
cowl or neckwarmer knitting patterns 32
helmet hat 28
neckwarmer 28
knit neck warmers 26

that would be 474 hits for this page, which, sadly, contains no patterns for knitted neckwarmers. i am so not helpful. that said, maybe i should write a pattern for one…

21 thoughts on “spotting local woolies

  1. I haven’t knit any scarves or mittens/gloves for myself yet so I’ll just post a link to me in my favorite hat so far:

    Also, Mason told me that he wants a hat like your SOAR hat. I told him it was kind of impossible for me since you spun the yarn yourself and used the same color plus a different color for each sample and then knitted them together.

    He still wants one.

    Random idea: You could dye/spin kits for your hat and sell them in your Etsy shop.

    Just a thought…

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  3. I LOVE that felted coat in the Twist Collective. I”m seriously considering making it, even though I’d have to buy my own weight in cascade 220, or spend a year spinning the same thing.

  4. My winter woolies really seem to be put to the test during football games. Here I am in my (hem, hem) Train Tam, Kinetic Scarf and Mitered Mittens:
    My Dad and I.  Me in Winter Woolies!

    And just for good measure, last year’s was pretty insane (that’s a Backyard Leaves scarf UNDER a Danica covered in snow):
    Knitwear Put to the Test

  5. Hey! Can I post a pic of Henry in his handknits? Being only a month old, he can’t escape being in pics like my daughter…and with him being a month old, I look like death warmed over and would rather avoid photographic evidence of the enormous bags under my eyes! Plus he has such cute handknits!

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  7. Oh, booger! I should have had a photo taken of me at Rhinebeck. I had lots of woolies on: hat, neckwarmer, mitts, cardigan, and socks. Toasty. :D

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  9. Ok! Got a photo this time. The scarf and mitts are a constant, but the hat is ever-changing. Tonight it was my stripey rollbrim. FYI – the scarf was made by you!

    woolies goin' out

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