SOAR hat

while organizing yarn for columbus (as in, what i would knit) i had a bunch of balls of handspun on the floor. before i knew it, i had cast on for this hat thursday and finished it up on friday. i’ve been wearing it ever since ;)

it is an accumulation of skeins spun for and in deb menz’s retreat section that i took at SOAR. for homework, we had to spin a big ball of roving we chose. mine is this yarn, now plied back on itself. red and bright bright pink (my current favorite color combo) with some reddish purples and burnt orange/brown shades.

i’m more magenta than i look!! really really bright.
SOAR hat

in the actual session, we were instructed to spin different colors of yarn (specified by deb) and then ply them with our original yarn. having an art degree, i’m rather aware of color theory. i took this class because i knew deb was wilder than i am and would force me to do things that i wouldn’t normally do. i must admit, i love yarn plied back on itself because it is so subtle and rich and i love the way it knits up. the class was a safe way for me to stretch a bit more.

SOAR hat flat

from bottom to top:
1 – plied with a complementary color across the color wheel – a roving with lots of green in it
2 – plied with a analogous color next to it on the color wheel – burnt orange, dark red, brown
3 – plied with another roving with one color in common – yellowish, picking up on the orange colors in my original
4 – plied with something random – blue/brown – the original something random went to meghan because although i can live with all of these plied together, that one was the exact blue that mixed with my magenta made my eyeballs vibrate. too much.

SOAR hat

and has this class influenced me much? a bit. i did some breaking up the rovings and plying together in the last batch of yarn before all the craft fairs. some i liked a lot, some i didn’t like much. that’s my problem with this method… i always like what is plied back on itself. risky business, all of it… but i have to admit and I LOVE MY NEW HAT.

SOAR hat

and i plan to keep playing. on a side note, i know i wouldn’t have liked the hat all the yellow color, but in combo it looks fine. maybe i should make up some yarns with one colorway plied with several others… hmmm…

17 thoughts on “SOAR hat

  1. Hey Cosy!

    I love that hat. You’ve totally inspired me to make a hat out of my Deb Menz skeins. I didn’t know what to do with them.. but now I do! Awesome :)


  2. Oh! It’s a little magenta yarn heart! Look how sweet!

    That hat turned out Fierce! I’m totally inspired. Maybe I’ll make one of my own, and include some of that purple yarn for trim! I need a new winter hat. It’s finally gotten COLD here in MD.

    Love ya!


  3. I’m definitely in the same boat you are. I tend to be afraid of plying to different colorways for fear of ruining them both. Usually I love the purity of the colors and don’t want them to get jumbled up with something else. Also, love the hat!

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