hanging with the tiny canaries

this show was the perfect after show to handmade arcade.  it was smaller and more of a boutique, so i wasn’t mobbed the whole time.  yet there were plenty of customers and the feel of the show was fabulous from the space to the music played.  it was well organized, had high quality crafting, and a very nice time was had by all.  AND it was my first ‘away’ show, so i took some photos to commemorate.

lauren and i about to leave. ben was trying to get a photo of the packed civic too.
ready to go!

friday night we showed up to stay with the very generous abby and her boyfriend mason. we came friday specifically because she invited us to go to knitter’s night out at her lys. of course we took her up on it! plus, i must say it was really nice not to get up at 4:30 am and drive over.

while at said yarn store, a woman at knit night was talking about making a pattern called the old shale smoke ring!! they had a sample and the pattern printed word for word from the blog:“my vacation is pretty much over – we leave on a plane tomorrow – and indeed, my vacation kni…” which is funny since it has back story, but the actual copies they were handing out had less (maybe the rav download version?). AND they had my copyright info on them, which is what i require.  how strange!!  who knows where the things we put on the internets have been, will be, might be right now.

old shale!!

here’s the booth for this show and the fabulous food that our hostess made us for saturday night.

mmm.... food

plus, for desert we had this fabulous banana bread (link includes recipe cause abby’s good like that!).

and finally a picture of abby and i, sunday night, right after we ate the best ice cream ever.  lime cardamom.  yum.
abby and i

other highlights? meeting the charming squeezleknits chris who was not nearly as weirdo and fanish as she felt :) and buying a print that i’ve wanted for a long time entitled ‘buses as caterpillars’ by the tugboat printshop.  also, the fact that we had a table near the printshop. i adore them.

5 thoughts on “hanging with the tiny canaries

  1. what an awesome trip. i’ve been itchy for some travel lately, but it will come. I’m so happy the show went well, too. welcome to the great frontier of travelling craftsters!

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