first of all, i have answered none of those emails i promised to answer… it has taken me this long to recuperate from handmade.  today and tomorrow.  really.

secondly, you all rock!  thanks so much for all of the kind and wonderful comments about handmade.  i’m really quite impressed that those of you who started reading this blog back when it was all thesis and knitting history books are still here.  thanks for keeping with me through the many many transitions this blog has gone through and for being such an awesome source of support! i am thoroughly indebted.

i’m working on bonnets today and tomorrow for tiny canary. and i’m pondering finishing up these three square adult hats and perhaps getting all the pairs of mitts together that are lingering.

and lastly, a new transition is in place.  i’ve been preparing for this transition for a long time… and now it is here. my friend julie and i have decided to team up to road trip to craft shows. we both tend to get in to our fair share of big craft fairs. we’re looking further and wider… i’ve already been applying to DC, Cleveland, Columbus. the new rule is, if it’s road-tripable and  if we both apply and both get in, we’ll go. other friends may also be going with us if they get in, but it’s nice to have someone else doing their craft full time and who gets into similar shows as me to partner up with.

new cities where we may look? chicago, new york, boston. do any of you have any kickin’ local craft fairs you think we should look into? i’d love to hear about them.

oh! and this also means that all of those floors you offered in other cities when i was looking for somewhere to stay in columbus? we may just end up taking you up on those!!

12 thoughts on “transitioning

  1. if you come to chicagoland, you have a place to stay for the night! :) i’ll even cook you food! your favorite! ricotta ravioli! hehehe

  2. Hiya, I surfed over from flickr. I live in the UK, so I’m no help, but my little sister and her husband live in Cleveland and as long as you aren’t allergic to dogs (her dogs are small, not the big scary kind), I’m sure she’d be happy to let you and your friend crash at her place if you need to!

  3. oh man, I just moved from chicago. you should definitely go there, if it works out. renegade craft fair just happened, and its a good one, but next year? also, I love the wheaty mustard color of that top hat — did you dye it?

  4. What about Philly? I don’t know if they have shows like what you’re looking for, but it’s not far from you, and it’s a great, big city!

    I love checking people’s blogs daily, but I love reading a chunk at once, which I just got to do – I was kinda busy having a baby (hee hee!) so I missed a good 3 weeks of your blog – glad I popped by, glad you had a good time at the craft fair (LOVE your booth setup – cozy, homey, but looks like everything is easily accessible!)

  5. Yay, come to Cleveland, you can stay with me! I’d love to see you all set up at a craft show and play with your handspun in person!


  6. Oh I vote for Boston’s Bazaar Bizarre! Applications are already over for this year, but you can get on a mailing list for when they open up again.

    I love this show! It’s a Christmas tradition for my hubby and I. We walk around together and check everything out, then we split up and buy eachother prezzies :)

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