HA 2008

handmade arcade was AWESOME.
all i could hope for in a craft show really. great vendors. high quality stuff. fabulous customers and busy busy busy.

due to aforementioned awesomeness, i did come away with some goodies. this shirt and this bag from here.  notice the green theme?

handmade arcade purchase

for the shirt i left ben at the booth for 2 minutes and when i came back it was mobbed, so i sent lauren to buy it for me and for this purchase, i sent ben out to find me a bag.  he also bought a bag for himself – from these folks. messenger style that fits the largest size of his sheet music.  christmas and birthdays for us?  done.

i sold over 1/3 of my stock. i can pay for health insurance for the next 10 months.  YAY!

you can see more photos of the event here and here i plan to catch up on emails this week, so if you’ve been in contact, never fear! it didn’t get lost in the ethos, just in my brain.

18 thoughts on “HA 2008

  1. Cosy!! Fantastic news! I’m so glad it well well for you! Once again, I had plans to make it out and see you, but uh, I was stuck at home sitting out some contractions.


    Really, I’m so happy that it went well for you!!

  2. wooHOO health insurance! I’m so glad to hear it was a successful fair for you, I wish I could have bought more but my budget, it screams at me…but I am *ecstatic* about my purchases :)

  3. great to see you at HA, cosy! thanks for the props. one of these days i’ll blog again and return the favor. :) it was so fun to be there with you. the more yarn the better!

  4. Congrats on such good sales…I hope you have another fair coming up or can sell the other 2/3 on Etsy. I wish I was in a better position to grab some for myself.
    You Rock….

  5. That bag is really cute. =) I’m glad the HA went so well, the pictures from your last post looked really awesome!

    I’m so excited for this weekend! ^_^

  6. hot damn! health insurance is fantastic stuff!
    glad you had a good show! and it looks like you got some great stuff too!! hooray! :)

  7. wow, cosy, that’s awesome–1/3 of your stock is quite an accomplishment for one craft fair! If you post the rest to etsy, I’ll do some poking around myself… :)

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