i started cosy knits (literally) approximately four years ago with a holiday table at my graduate school. i had been knitting a lot and had TONS of extra knits and it didn’t appear that the need to create was going to leave me any time soon – so i decided to sell some. i followed that up with a flickr account, an etsy shop, and a blog to keep track of my knit thesis. then a book came along.

new sign!

in a move of historic proportions for the biz, i’m retiring my old sign for a shiny new one. have a great weekend! if you’re in pgh, i hope to see you at HA.

4 thoughts on “retirement

  1. Hi, Cosy: That is so sweet. I love the signs. This is all so exciting and I am happy for you. I love your designs and I love reading your blog to see what you’ve knit-up.

  2. Phew – gosh! I read the name of your post in my feed-reader and I thought you were going to stop blogging or something! I’m glad I was wrong, and the new sign is super cute!

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