although i must say if you go to that website – i’m perplexed as to what a naked woman with connotations of violence against women, kidnapping, and bondage has to do with this election.  hopefully nothing.  vote anyway, it’s important. here’s a better page that also tells you where you can vote, although (warning) it is an obama page :)

some children were wearing campaign buttons while trick or treating.
i went to a knitting charity event called the yarn ball on saturday, and there was an AWESOME crocheted obama purse sported and made by a volunteering 16 year old.
today our paper was swathed in plastic that read:
VOTE FREEDOM FIRST defend freedome NRA defeat obama.
today some kids from a local school came by with a flier that said: Celebrate Democracy VOTE

it’s time. make your voice heard.

EDIT: that is a different web site advertised than the one i first saw. you all probably had no idea what i was talking about with the whole violence against women thing. google maps is FINE, nay, even awesome. tee hee.

6 thoughts on “remember…

  1. I like that add. There’s been so much campaigning around OSU to get people registered to vote (Everyday on the way to class someone would ask me if I was registered). It’s cool that there’s a bipartistan effort to just get people out there to vote.

  2. I think the whole bondage thing has to do with the view many women have of Sarah Palin. They (myself included) think that electing her is the equivalent of setting women back about 50 years.

  3. I tossed that paper, in that bag, onto my dining room table that morning. By the time I sat down to read it a couple of hours later, that red and black ink was all over my table and not coming off!! Double livid!! Luckily, I thought to try some baking soda as a mild abrasive and I didn’t have to resort to violence against the NRA. Thank goodness it is over! Can we move forward, now?

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