not my problem.

WARNING: it has been a bit riotous and all over the place on this blog lately!! sheesh. i suggest reading the entry before this and the comments and ignore the following if my brain has been too much for you lately. it has been WAAAY too much for me ;)

disclaimer said, i’ve been using some ill spent brain power to wonder what people are thinking when rank patterns on ravelry.

please don’t take your knitting problems out on my star ranking.

bad gauge?
not my problem.
badly chosen project?
not my problem.
didn’t fit the person?
not my problem.
didn’t fit the person the way you wanted because you chose the wrong pattern?
not my problem.
use the wrong yarn?
not my problem.

if you put the super smiley face or even the plain smiley next to your project and give the pattern two stars, i have no idea what you’re talking about.  and frankly, why bother to voice an opinion if it’s non communicative.

the culprit you ask? waterfall. hilariously easy pattern. barely a pattern. stitch worked over correct stitch count for a particular number of stitches in a slinky yarn and VOILA!  i bet if elizabeth zimmermann were just a normal designer, she’d get twos too.  guess i shouldn’t complain ;)

rant over.  have a great day!!

p.s. thanks for all of the lovely comments on the colorwork hats!!  i do have the patterns charted and now, due to the great response, i think i’ll publish them.

4 thoughts on “not my problem.

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the rating – it looks like only three people have rated your pattern so far. I bet the rating will go up once more people have tried the pattern. BTW, I think I’ll add this one to my favourites – could make a good Christmas gift, and I have some of this yarn, too!

  2. Hmm, I never thought about the ratings being looked at much by others, which is silly since I look at them! But I just rate things really arbitrarily so I’ll have to work on that more.

  3. Same thing happened to me. I emailed the person who rated my pattern with 2 stars and asked if she had any problems I could help with. She responded that the two star rating was a reflection on how she felt about her project, not the pattern itself and she changed the rating right away. Maybe the person who rated it low was confused?

  4. You’re totally reason! I made the Crazy Newboy Cap for adult and I had a bad result. I take the correct yarn, hooks too, but it’s too tight! I know that other people have made beautiful hat and it’s fit to her head and me not. It’s MY problem! lol Not the pattern! ;) I really love your design I will soon knit one of hat!
    Take care!

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