transitional hats

it snowed yesterday.  i found that very exciting.  i made soup.

but before i get side tracked much by work, i must tell you THANKS for all of the comments on the post about knitting from other’s patterns. the conversation in the forums seemed a bit too one-sided for me and you all straightened it right out ;)

now to the work.

twilight hat
twilight hat
another shot here

nighttime reflection hat
nighttime reflection hat
modeled shot here

both made with lopi lite and some hand dyed recycled sweater wool. the yellowy one is adult med/large and the brown is medium.  these were made a couple of months ago. and i still think, as i did while i was knitting them, i could knit colorwork with semi-solid and hand dyed yarns forever and never get bored.  is there anything in particular that you could knit every day and never get bored?  i guess hats would be my other thing…

p.s. funny happenings. last night i told some crafty friends that i asked over the blog if anyone had a floor they could lend in columbus and one of them said, ‘you’re braver than me!’ to which i replied, ‘they’re just other fibery people.’ then i got to thinking where i got the idea from, and, of course, my friends in indie bands do it ALL THE TIME. and as ben pointed out. my fibery people can’t be more crazy and probably are less drunk than the people the bands end up staying with. or, at least we’re a slightly more innocent kind of crazy. besides. my friend lauren has agreed to go with me and i’m sure she had a black belt in something. i’m sure.

11 thoughts on “transitional hats

  1. Yeah, I think you are pretty safe with fiber people. The only thing that might happen is having to bed down with a spinster who smokes and has TONS of cats and pee smelling carpet. But then again, she probably wouldn’t offer you a floor!

    Well if you ever come to Madison, WI, you could always stay with me. The only freaky thing about me is that I have religious artifacts/images in my house (but I’m atheist) and we have no baseboards on the first floor! :)

  2. Those hats are gorgeous! Love the colors, especially those lemony yellows and greens. And a book and handspun, that’s some potent currency you have there! If you ever need to bunk down in the Bay Area, let me know!

  3. as always the hats are GORGEOUS! I just love coming over to your blog and seeing what it is you are doing. I have been trying to be busy knitting and not reading blogs or blogging….. but I just had to peak!

    Happy Halloween!

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  5. Cosette, how do you do the colour changes? I know that the main body of the hat is in one colour, but do you use a varied-colour yarn that you dyed yourself for the transitional colour changes?
    Or do you use several different yarns for the colour changes?
    :) Thanks, L.

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