columbus, oh

hi all, i’m doing the tiny canary design market on nov 15th and 16th and I thought that before i went for the  motel route, i’d see if there were any columbus fibery folks’ floors to sleep upon.

i can compensate. a copy of the book. food. handspun. something :)

4 thoughts on “columbus, oh

  1. I live in Dublin, OH, right here by Columbus. I’ve got a futon…and a new(ish) love of knitting! I do also have a dog though in case that matters.
    Email me if you’re interested! Lindsey892@

  2. I can offer you a pull out bed on a couch. I live a few blocks from where the show will be. I will warn you that I have a small 1 bedroom apartment that I share with my boyfriend, but like I said our couch has a pull-out bed. =)

    (Also Tiny Canary is very close to my LYS of choice and you could pay a visit if you like. =] )

    E-mail: oakley DOT 44 AT osu DOT edu

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