my brain

i’ve been dyeing up a storm over here because both handmade and tiny canary are soon!! so the last day of dyeing was saturday, for spinning the next week, then drying and labeling the week after, for the show the weekend after. yikes!


while dyeing, my brain has been all over the place. i walk into the yarn room and it says, look at all of this yarn, what should i make?
i should start a sweater.
no a shawl.
what yarn should i use for my dad’s christmas socks?
i seem to have a lot of this yarn. would it make a nice little shirt?
where are the needles i need to cast on for hats?
what about ben’s clogs (lost the pattern) or starting his vest? darn no size 5s.
maybe those mitts. or i should ball this yarn just to get a feel for it…

and on and on. seriously. i seem to really want to knit EVERYTHING now. maybe it’s the weather ;)

p.s. i even crocheted a granny square before going to bed last night.  geesh.

5 thoughts on “my brain

  1. Brains can certainly be treacherous. I often have an explosion of ideas and want to begin every single one of them simultaneously. Unfortunately that isn’t possible. Generally what ends up happening is that I don’t really get anything done at all. I hope you have more success than I tend to!

  2. i have been having a problem with that as well. too many ideas, not enough time and not enough needles! like gwen, i don’t get anything done either. wishing you lots of luck.

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