one color embroidery special

apparently i was in to one color embroidery last night. all of these are sized 6-18 mo.

STOP! hat

STOP! hat

JanKnit recycled sweater wool (with lots of angora!!)
inherited wool
embroidered with my hand dyed handspun wool

wisteria hat

wisteria hat

my hand dyed handspun wool

i love how autumn brings out all sorts of strange, falling, dried, dusty colored, organic objects.  some people look at autumn and see death, but i tend to love the combination of crisp mornings, changing plants, and decomposition.

for this hat, i achieved depth of field by doubling the yarn in some places and working with one strand in others.  i was really pleased with how this made the bigger pod on the left pop forward while leaving the small pod a bit in the background.

going to the sun road

going to the sun road

hand dyed recycled sweater wool
cascade 220
mountain colors 4/8s wool

yikes that yellowy-green actually has very little white in it.

named after a road that leads up into glacier national park in north western montana. apparently this road was very very scary back in the day and my father (who does not like heights) remembers being terrified going up it as a child. now it’s not so bad.

first frost hat

first frost hat

hand dyed recycled sweater wool
jo sharp silkroad aran

autumn is the perfect season for embroidery because all of land is in chaos.  to me this means i can make up strange scraggly plants and have them be as real as the ones outside :)  anyone want to do an autumn embroidery along?

7 thoughts on “one color embroidery special

  1. I received my copy of your book a few days ago and have been bent over it (w/my knitting of course) at every spare moment! I’m really enjoying it and can really sense your enthusiasm. Thank you for it and all the possibilities within!

    Naturally, I am poised for an embroidery-along! Count me in…


  2. I really love the way the color moves in the yarn you dyed for the wisteria hat.

    also, on a bookish note, I’ve had your book for several months now, and tho I’ve yet to start a project, it is constantly off the shelf, being looked at. I’ve been thinking about it, and something really special about your book (and your blog and the way that you talk about craft / knitting) is how inspiring it is to just make, and not rely heavily on fancy patterns but rather an idea. Your ideas are so completely manifest, visually (I haven’t seen anything in real life!), in what you make and I think that is what I really love about cosymakes / cosyknits / cosy (!).

  3. Cosy, I’ve begun the “going to sun road” pattern hat for my niece/nephew. It is my favorite *first hat* from your book. I want to take it easy my first time. So far I am having trouble getting into it – I am intimidated. But I appreciate your beautiful craft and will use your art as encouragement.

  4. Your hats are so cute!
    Oh and by the way:
    I have nominated you for an award. Please see my blog for details. Sorry… it’s the rules… sigh…

    take care!

  5. Just this week our weather cooled and I was wearing my mitts made from the ‘angora’ yarn. Got me wondering if you ever had the chance to work with it. Then, here it is!! LOVE how you striped it with your handspun!

  6. I just listened to Meghan’s interview with you today, and then you commented on my blog. What a surprise! Love your “First Frost” hat. And the useful bits of info you have on the blog. You could never have too much spinning content as far as I’m concerned! ;-)

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