for the knitters

sorry about all the spinning talk over here! i also apologize that there will continue to be more…
but to appease you all, i have been knitting.


lots of garter stitch!!
this, a secretish gift, and two of these.

and if you’ve been thinking what all this spinning stuff has to do with you… i suggest buying the ‘Knitter’s Book of Yarn’ by Clara Parkes. you won’t be disappointed. great patterns and fabulous information for knitters about what yarns to choose and why.

fun fact: did you know that knitter’s untwist their yarn while they knit? that means that a yarn spun Z (on my wheel clockwise) and plied S (you always ply in the opposite direction that you spin) is best for knitting.  the opposite is best for crochet.  if we want to get all technical… 1/2 a twist over-ply will compensate for our untwist. CRAZY.

5 thoughts on “for the knitters

  1. Hi Cosy,
    I have been making your snowbunny headbands. OMG – so fast, so cute and EVERYONE loves them. I have been making a few a day. I teach after school knitting classes (grades 2-6) and I knit the headbands up and give them to the students as incentives during class. They go over so well and the girls screach with delight when they win. Thank you for such a wonderful book, full of fantastic embroidery and stitch patterns.

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