two posts

in one day.  i know.  if you want the post with content, read the previous one.  this one is me catching up!

first off – i go in to my first out-of-state show!! tiny canary in columbus, oh.  hurrah! now to figure out the logistics of travel and whatnot.

living crafts

and the first write up of my book in a magazine has come out!  i had no idea, until a kind blog reader sent me a little congrats note.  then it took me several weeks to find a copy. i have to say, i remember looking through the last issue of this magazine and thinking how lovely it was. if you love wool, this magazine’s for you. if you love wool and have a family, this magazine is doubly for you. i remember the other issue having this amazing wet felt play mat.

front to back: meghan, kai, dana, diane, maria, me… somehow we lost amy, who was also there.

i flat out stole this picture from my friend maria who just put up a series of posts about the classes she took at SOAR. you should check them out.  i must tell you that the picture of me with yarn on my head is due to dana in several ways.  first of all, she’s the queen of yarn turban arrangement.  secondly, she gifted me the 50% merino, 50% alpaca that i had just spun and then put on my head.  cheers, dana!! (here’s her shop.)

lastly, some pixie hoods have been popping up… here and here. and i love love love this hat. i adore when the projects made from my patterns are something i would never make.  claim that pattern and make it your own, i say!

there’s so much happening, you’d think the season’s were changing or something :D  tonight’s dinner?  fresh tomato soup.  more tomorrow.

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