esther’s place

since it wasn’t too long ago since i was raving about farm wool, i thought it apt to jump into all the SOAR stuff with the market.

the marketplace at SOAR ran Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and was open to the public for much of that. while other people were in a mad rush to buy silk and other such pretty fibers, meghan tipped me off to a farm co-op in illinois that had a booth there.

esther's place

so, as you can probably imagine, i saved most of my money for that co-op.

farm wool!!

i bought several 4 oz. bundles of montadale top, some farm wool merino top, and some merino batts.  i’m excited about the montadale because i’ve never come across that breed before.  when it’s spun up, i’ll do a little wool review for you.  i’m hoping to do some dyeing tomorrow morning, so you may not have to wait that long.

there were many, many other things to drool over at the co-op booth besides fluffy white wool :) i’m not sure that other people get as excited about that as i do… so there were large multicolored layered batts, needle felting kits, yarn, and much more including some beautiful samples of work done with their wool. if you’re interested in buying from esther’s place, i recommend just giving them a call or an email.  my plan is to call them every once in a while to see what kind of wool they have in stock.  the first day of the market they also had some handspun hanging front and center.  that’s where i found this, my one splurge for the festival

natasha's handspun

honestly, i’m in love. there’s good chance that this will remain as a pet skein for a while since i’ve no plans for it. just looking at it makes me happy. it was spun by natasha, the founder of esther’s place and a former SOAR scholarship recipient herself. she’s a fabulous fiber artist and i was happy to have a piece of her artwork, even though she was skeptical about the red/orange and pink together :) this skein has corriedale wool and lincoln locks in it. her other work includes really gorgeous needle felting, wet felting, spinning, making batts and i’m sure every other fibery endeavor. the most amazing work done by her that i saw was a recently finished dress. here’s an article about how natasha and how esther’s place got started. natasha is now 21… she turned it at the festival.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA and thanks for the good work with warm wool that you do.

4 thoughts on “esther’s place

  1. I LOVE ESTHER’S PLACE. If you ever get a chance to visit the shop, you won’t be disappointed! Every time I’ve gone there, they have offered me tea and cake (or cookies or whatever other deliciousness they had lying around). It’s such a great place. :)

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