soar bound

it is strange to go away right when the seasons are changing. although i have heard simply amazing things about the colors of the trees in this part of the world and am excited to see it for myself.

i picked all the basil earlier this week and made pesto yesterday.

this morning i re-potted some plants that really needed it… something i’d been putting off.

i left ben with strict instructions to pick the tomatoes that look mature if it falls down to the mid 30s.

i bought a bag of local apples to take with me.

otherwise, i’ve been throwing stuff into my suitcase (click pics to flickr for notes)
packing for soar

deciding what to take (it really is fun to pack for this!!  and pretty…)
packing for soar

and dealing with the largest question… what do i take to knit?!?
18 mo.-4 yr old stack

it would be so much easier to take the tomten i’m working on for my friend’s babe, but i really should be working, you know, with the big fairs coming up and all. i’m a bit sick of the 18 mo.-4 yr size, so i’m thinking of moving on. to what? i guess i’ll go ransack the yarn room and see if anything speaks to me. i might take the tomten to just in case.

that said… i leave in the morn! have a great week and i’ll post some entries on soar when i return!  wish me luck.  it really does feel like i had so long to wait when this happened and now it’s here! crazy.

6 thoughts on “soar bound

  1. Cosy… have a wonderful, wonderful time!! I can’t wait to see all the great techniques you learned and what you’ve come up with by the time you get back.

  2. If you have green tomatoes on the vine, pull the plants out of the ground by the root and hang them upside down in your basement or another dark place. The tomatoes will ripen and you won’t have any go to waste. That is unless of course you make green tomato mincemeat. :)

  3. Oh! And pick those green ones if it gets too cold. You can always bread them in cornmeal and make fried green tomatoes. Eat them while you read some Fannie Flag, even.

  4. OH! You are going to SOAR! It is so close to me, I wish I had known sooner! We could have made some plans! Have a great time and tell us all about it.

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