hat explosion

i’ve decided that although i like making other things, i like hats the very most and so i’m not going to stress out about having a bunch of mitts and neck things etc. for handmade arcade or any other shows i have this season. this change in brain allows me to just lovingly craft away at hats. how on earth could it take me this long to admit that i am a hatter?!?  just look at my crazy ravelry project page!! and you’d know instantaneously.

that said, we’ve been hatting smally over here. these two were made yesterday.

tree elf hat

tree elf hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool (american eagle outfitters)
actual color – granny smith apple green. grrr.

size: 18 mo.-4 yr.

tree elf hat

leap frog hat
the latest for the word-along. you heard the hat… now leap! frog! (just kidding).

leap frog hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool (american eagle outfitters)
the color is actually a sweet minty green, despite what my camera thinks the color is. i’ve got to figure out how to make the camera see green. it drives me CRAZY.

size: 18 mo.-4 yr. (approx. 20 in.)

leap frog hat

i love how the tree turned out on the first one! more of those trees to come. i like how it mirrors the top of the hat and it’s funny to me that it’s almost a throwback to a very early hat. as to leap frog, it took quite a bit of embroidery for me to finally get the ‘bounce’ lines right. pesky curved lines :)

6 thoughts on “hat explosion

  1. What a relief to know what you love and that you are good at it. I was wondering…what do you do/listen to/watch while you knit. I like to have background tv or music.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that first one! Is that the root veg pattern in chunky weight? It’s adorable and the colors on both hats are terrific. I’m sure not surprised in your ‘hatter’ revelation. It’s awesome. Also, I have a hard time photography greens to, especially light ones.

  3. I think that’s a good strategy; stick to what you love making, and it will never seem like work. I have decided to do much the same with my upcoming craft fair knitting, but for me it’s neckwarmers and cowls.

    I’ve given you a blue ribbon on my blog; I love your innovative style and wanted to share it with my readers!

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