well spun

i got a very generous and lovely gift in the mail yesterday from shannon of the spun monkey. apparently, after she read my entry on farm wool, she thought i needed this one to play with.

the spun monkey

the card (which she also made!) says that it is romney wool from the Homestead Rescue Farm. i’ve never spun or knit with romney, so this will be a new experience for me. she bought this in fleece form and had it processed herself at a small mill. shannon, you, my dear, are awesome. thank you so much!!

the spun monkey

now, take a second to look at the close-up pictured above. do you see how springy the yarn is? that’s a spinner’s choice.  if you put a lot of energy/twist into the yarn, with most wools you will end up with a very close and tight ply.  i love this when knitting, because it makes the yarn less likely to be splitty.  the tight ply will also make this a very hardy yarn.  it’s fun knitting with other spinner’s yarn because we are all so different.

i can’t really tell you how i’d spin romney, but i tend to spin with medium bounce… that is, i spin with plenty of spin to get a good ply, but i usually don’t spin with the nice tight squishy ply of this yarn.  early on in my spinning career, i spun pretty loosely, and you’ll still see that in some of my big lofty yarns.  this allows for optimum softness, although it can look quite unspun.  i hope to play a bit more with amounts of twist in yarn.

speaking of spinning – i leave for SOAR on sunday.  eeep!! more on that later, but i bet i spin completely differently when i return :D

4 thoughts on “well spun

  1. I’ve spun a lot of Romney. In fact, the fleece I just had processed came from a local farm and it was Romney. I really enjoy the texture.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you like it! I’ve had too many handknits become a pilly mess, and so I guess those experiences have rubbed off into my spinning adventures. I love a nice, tight ply so I can enjoy the stitch definition in the finished knit, and I love long-staple wools. Romney is by far one of my favorites to work with. I love knitting with yarns from other spinners, as we all have such different styles. And you get so much more knitting done than I do, I couldn’t help but share the wooly love! I hope you post up pictures when you have time to play with it! Have fun at SOAR! *pang of envy*
    :) :) :)

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