today’s the day!

the first day i’ve put on a sweater this season.

snow bunnies

and with it, comes the time when i sell tons of these.

snow bunnies

by far my best seller at craft shows… and as close as i ever come to mass producing something.

people actually seek me out to buy these.  crazy.

i’m very excited to be going out of town for a night tonight.  hope you have a great weekend! if you’re in pgh, stop by schenley plaza sunday afternoon and say ‘hi.’  my next show after the plaza isn’t until Handmade Arcade in the beginning of November.

4 thoughts on “today’s the day!

  1. yay! i love the noggin cozies. i’ve been setting yarns aside for hats and head warming devices and realize i should have been already knitting them for farmer’s market. oops! hurray for big needles and one weekend off (the weather is too nasty to vend this weekend)! i finally sent out your present today. i’m such a slacker.

  2. I’m quite envious of your sweater wearing weather as I sit and sweat in my tank top and skirt. Good Luck this craft fair season!

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