art harvest

i appear to have my fall cold over here, mosty due to the fact that ben’s whole department was sick a couple of weeks ago.  we thought we had escaped, but apparently not.  today i feel much better, so i thought i’d show you what i’ve been up to (previous to lying in bed A LOT).

the Art Harvest show was fun, mostly because the people were very nice and it kicked off local food week (YAY!), not because i made any money.  i spent most of my time ignoring the fact that my head was spinning, and telling people that i would be at Handmade Arcade in november.  it was such a beautiful day out and therefore to be expected that people weren’t overly into wool.  nobody wants to admit that summer is over.  and on the same note, i hate being sick when it’s nice out.

at the show i promised many men more ‘boy hats’ by Handmade…  so i’ve been knitting.

boy hats

and i’ll leave you with this lovely center pull ball i spun. the roving was from my friend lauren who is a fabulous dyer and spinner. selling her handspun, yarn, knits, and felty jewelry in her etsy shop. from one lauren, through my hands, into some handmade mitts for another friend named lauren :) the fun part is that we all know each other and live in pgh, so a nice group project.  it’s a bit more blue and green than it looks.


oh, and i’ve started putting the last name game yarns up in my shop if you had your eye on any of them.

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