the unexpected

if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know already that the strangest things happen to me. another one to add to the list ;) although not so big as some of the others.

on saturday, i worked a couple of hours at the shop. towards the end of my shift, a lady rushed in to the store with a bunch of bags. she just came from an estate sale or auction or something that she was running and the knitting stuff hadn’t sold, and she just wanted to get rid of it to someone who would appreciate it. so i bought it.

i was first sold by the sight of these two vintage knitting bags
vintage knitting bags

then i was enamored with all of the old wooden needles poking out of a sock
vintage knitting bag

and lastly, there was some old wool
old wool!

and some newer wool
vintage knitting bag

how could i resist?!?

10 thoughts on “the unexpected

  1. The bags alone are way cool. When ever someone feels the urge to give me yarn like this it’s usually acrylic….You scored!

    I once bought a knitting folding bag thingy with a box full of needles and acrylic yarn. When I pulled it all out there was a compact and some blush! I was 1/2 hoping there would have been some cash….

    It was kinda cute though, I tried to picture the little old lady that this must of come from…

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