born again helmet hat

first of all, thanks for all the farm wool love!! it only seems right that this hat has several stripes of handspun farm wool in it.  if you haven’t left a story yet or don’t know what i’m talking about, we (the other respondents and i) would love to hear from you.

on to the hat.  i went a slight finishing spree saturday morning and this is one of the objects that i declared fini!

born again helmet hat

i keep all of my little tiny balls of wool in bins separated into cools, warms, and neutrals. this hat is what became of a dumping out my warms and then delving into the neutrals to see what went with the warms.

my handspun, farm wool from BC
hand dyed recycled sweater wool
new wools

born again helmet hat

adult medium

and the title? i crack myself up.

born again helmet hat embroidery

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