a brewin’

i woke up to cool rain today, the seasons are changing and things are brewin’ over here again… and i don’t just mean tea, although that’s good too ;)

tea and wool...

here’s the ‘to do’ list – ben back in school, the craft fairs starting up again. there’s something that feels good and right that life should change with the seasons.  i love this transition.

1) knit/spin for handmade arcade. mittens, mitts, and men’s hats will be a priority.  i also want to figure out a way to fit more stuff on/around my table.  as you can see from the above photo, i can’t stop making hats anyhow.

2) commissions. i don’t take too many of these anymore, especially not the risky on-line ones… but i have several for local friends that i need to work on. plus, i’ve a deadline for some spinning that needs to be done and in the mail soon for a very exciting project that i can’t say smack about.

3) christmas.  must start christmas knits soon… add to the family knits at least 2 more baby things for friends.

4) selling of book projects.  i sent out an email yesterday to give my close family and friends first dibs, then i’ll offer them to you all, then they’ll hit the etsy shop. i must get them out of my house!! speaking of books, i might just propose a new book.  i started a couple of projects…

5) in the middle of trying to get things done, i also have soar!! i’m excited and terrified.

my friend gwen is running a blogiversary contest… you should go check out her blog!  gwen and i met on flickr when she randomly commented on one of my photos and i then promptly asked if she’d like to test knit the hat in that particular photo for the book… and two years later, here i sit, a bit over an hour away. happy blogiversary gwen!!

that’s my autumn list! what’s on yours? time to get to work.

6 thoughts on “a brewin’

  1. Oh my gosh! That hat is GORGEOUS. LOVE IT. yum yum yum. I know what you mean about changing seasons. There is a lot going on over here too. But that’s ok. If you don’t have some change, life just gets too dull and common and monotonous and bland.

  2. i feel the same wya; life is suppose to change with the seasons. i even made some fresh vegetable soup and corn bread. I totally have fall-itis. It is my favorite time of the year. Lots to do!

  3. hey!
    i’m somewhat terrified to make a to-do list for the next little while as i prep for some shows and shop orders. ugh.
    BUT, i have something for you. it’s something i handpainted and spun and for some reason really thought i should send it your way. i still have it after Twist, so i now i know it really does need to find you.
    will you pm me your mailing address? pretty please? thespunmonkey@gmail.com

  4. I love, love the hat. I ran out yesterday to buy your book, but B&N did not have it. So I ran on over to Borders and they were out too! I ordered it from both stores. I know my Mom will love it! I have not even gotten you first book and you are already starting another. Congratulations!! I am excited.

  5. You really don’t want to know about my to-do list. In involves packing our apartment up and getting everything out to a rustic cabin in the woods (and getting it reasonably organized, plus finishing some cleaning there and getting a stovepipe hooked up so we actually will have heat) before leaving for a 10-day trip back East to visit Adam’s family…and we leave a week from Wednesday. Erk!

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