seedy scarf

and for those of you uninterested in naming things, a more interesting blog entry perhaps?

seedy scarf

you may remember this yarn from some of my first navajo plying back here… when i thought it might work for a bsj.  turned out it was a bit bulky for that project. so, when i unearthed the ball while cleaning the yarn room the other day, i couldn’t come up with any project that seemed better than a scarf. it was thick and thin (that’s what i get for changing sheep breeds and preparation of fiber etc. while spinning) and i was insistent upon using every single drop in a single project. sounds like scarf yarn to me!

seedy scarf

this project was my go-to project for about the last week. can’t concentrate on anything else? seed stitch. nothing else in progress to take to knitting group? seed stitch. my commitment plus size 13 needles means a quick quick project!

and check out how long it is! down to my knees.
seedy scarf

my only question is… when did i become such a pink girl?

seedy scarf

10 thoughts on “seedy scarf

  1. Cosy, what a gorgeous scarf! I hate knitting seed stitch, but I love the way it turns out!

    I got the book yesterday and have already chosen yarn for a pair of mitts, and have a few different hats added to the list for the new baby! Thanks so much again for the trade – the book is great!

  2. i, too, became a pink girl after shunning the color for most of my life. i’m not sure why it happened, but i say go with it! :)
    love the scarf, and the mittens in the link. everyone needs a really long scarf for the fun of it.

  3. The scarf is gorgeous! I adore the colors. My interest in pink also snuck up on me and caught me by surprise. I think berries and watermelons are to blame, how can you not fall in love with a color that always means “delicious fruit here! go ahead and taste me!”

    and then pink and brown, well, you get the chocolate in there and there’s no turning back…

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