it’s that time again…

i need your help coming up with some more names! anyone and everyone can contribute names, with no obligation, but just because i think you all are brilliant and this is fun! however, there are some perks that come with your name being chosen, so you may want to read the instructions at the bottom of this post if you’re interested. if not, name away!

name me please!

what would you call me?

name me!

what do i remind you of?

name me!

a name would be useful...

what should i be called?

name me!

what would you call me?

what would you call me?

hmmm... what shall i be called?

what do i remind you of?

name me please!

14 these are really acidy green.
i could use a name...

what do i remind you of?

apparently i’ve been spinning a lot ;)

notes about the name game:
name the yarns by either clicking over to this flickr set and leaving comments on the photos, or by commenting on this blog post using the numbers to keep track of which yarns you are naming.

if your name is chosen and you might be interested in the yarn, contact me (cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com within 26 hours. in this case, the game ends friday, September 5th at 2pm eastern time, so you have until 4 pm on saturday. once you contact me, i’ll send you the specs on the yarn and then you can decide if you want it or not.

if you decide to to take the yarn of your naming, you get a 5% discount and free shipping in the US and Canada. If you are outside of those two countries, you get a couple of dollars knocked off shipping.  have fun and thanks for playing!

14 thoughts on “it’s that time again…

  1. OMG I tried to play and name them all but baby girl is crying and wants out of her crib! This is what I came up with:

    1. Frost
    2. Cherry Cordial
    4. Circus
    5. Morning Glory
    8. Sunkissed
    14. Sour Apple

  2. 1)Waves on Sand
    2) Tomboy
    3) The 70s Called
    4) Acid Sunrise
    5) Sweet Caroline
    6) Jelly Bean Handful
    7) Pink Limeade
    8)Orange You Glad
    9) G & T (gin and tonic)
    10) Grass Stain
    11) Prom Night
    12) Flower Power
    13) Nothing Rhymes (with orange)
    14) Rita Skeeter
    15) Sunset

    Well, I don’t know if any of these are any good, but I had fun!

  3. Although I have no spare creative energy to suggest names, I am, as always, inspired by the gorgeous colors of your work. Thanks for the eye candy that never fails to boost my spirits.

  4. 1. opal
    2. travesty
    3. prairie
    4. tarty
    5. maizie
    6. first class
    7. treasurer
    8. crush
    9. romaine
    10. surf & turf
    11. brambles
    12. tulip festival
    13. robust
    14. radiate
    15. torpedo

  5. 1. Still Watters
    2. Good and Plenty
    3. Grassy
    4. happiness
    6. laughter
    7.pretty in pink
    8.pumpkin sunshine
    9. crudite
    11. ragdoll
    12. mint surprise
    13. spice
    14. spring in the prarie
    15. salsa

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  7. I always wanted to have a job of naming paint colors.
    1:September Skies
    2:Grape Sorbet w/Pistachios
    3:Tall Grass
    4:Raspberry Parfait
    7:Moonlit Lullaby
    8:Melon Twist
    10:Swimmin’ Hole
    11:Bear Hug
    13:Wild Sarsaparilla
    14:Litmus Test

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