i’m finally getting a little bit of a harvest over here. the issue with planting random heirloom tomatoes (and not paying attention) is that i really had NO IDEA what i planted. see that opaque, mat yellow tomato? i was so unprepared ;)


this week’s work includes continuing to plug away on cleaning the yarn room, do a spinning commission, try to finish that pattern i’ve been working on FOREVER, and prepare to teach my first february lady sweater/baby suprise class that is coming right up on friday.  the picture also includes the sleeve of a february baby sweater that i finished yesterday.  i just wanted to knit the sweater to a ‘teachable moment’ and i’m there… but boy!  did i not want to be knitting this one yesterday.  i was a grumpy knitter.


lastly, i’m pleased as punch to tell you that i’m going to be a vendor at handmade arcade again this year. YAY!!!

6 thoughts on “harvest

  1. Very cool! My tomatoes are just starting to ripen too, I think it’s because I planted them late though. I’m planning on going to handmade arcade so I’ll be sure to stop by!

  2. That’s a very interesting photo. I’ve had those tomatoes before. I thought they were sweet and good.. yummy.. I love tomatoes. Good luck on the upcoming project. It looks sweet :)

  3. I love those little yellow pear tomatoes. I plant them every year. They’re my favorite.

    I love seeing what people pull out of their gardens. my flickr account is like 1/2 vegetables.

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