old tea

while cleaning the yarn room the other day i found this box
lost and found

inside was this

which can be split into two categories
items two

and knitting
item one

age: 3-4 yrs old.
content: wools too itchy to wear, wool/acrylic blends and unknown yarns i thrifted
born in: vancouver
description: early knitting, playing with color and texture
conclusion: half finished tea cosy

what to do...

although i loathe to rip it apart, i also loathe to finish it in the manner it was started. hmm. it might just become the jekyll and hyde tea cosy, one side all crazy and one side very normal… and maybe a contrast in fiber too… one side wool/acrylic blend with itchy wool, one side mohair or alpaca.

so, what’s the oldest unfinished object of yours?  maybe it should be a jekyll and hyde too, after all, we all change as knitters from year to year.  i know i’m not going back, how about you?

8 thoughts on “old tea

  1. Cosy!! This is wonderful! It might not be your style anymore, but I just love how whimsical and playful it is! I love the idea of a jekyll/hyde knit… what an interesting, interesting project!

  2. I agree with Cheryl. I wouldn’t rip it apart. It represents a very interesting time in you knitting life where you were experimenting and learning. Plus it would be a good conversation piece when you have folks over for tea.

    I’m not sure what my oldest unfinished piece is. Maybe it’s that felted bowl I started last summer (2007). I think I frogged the tank I was working on.. Do single socks count?

  3. What a great idea! My oldest project is a half finished halter top in brown yarn. I don’t think I’ll turn it into a half halter-half something else, though! Hopefully sometime I’ll get around to finishing it…

  4. If I had a normal-shaped kettle, I might be tempted to experiment and do a Jekyll and Hyde cozy too, just for kicks! It looks kinda nifty! And it’d be a good way for me to practice some techniques that I don’t other wise have cause to use in projects.

    My oldest UFO, hmmm… That’s probably the Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls. It’s been a UFO for well over a year now, and I have the yarn to finish it… somewhere. And my circular needle’s too short, so I’ll need to buy a longer one. It may stay a UFO for a while yet, I think.

  5. mmm…love the idea of jekyl hyde…don’t think it would work with my oldest ufo…it’s over 20 yrs old!!!!! wonderful colors, but not even sure if moths have gotten to it or what…sentimental so i keep it. one of my first attempts with intarsia and those joins are pulled preetty tight. may be time to harvest the wool.
    i like the experimental feel of your half finished tea cosy.

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