shine-along and other sightings

as to the word-along, jennifer made two AWESOME think caps here and here (rav links). aren’t they brilliant? i love the depth of color she’s achieved by combining yarns.

and with permission of dawn, her shine hat.

Shine Hat 1, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

here’s her blog entry. this one doubles as both a book knit and a word-along. i really like how it’s double sided and the sun has a lot of movement in it.

book knits:
puppy dog knits is on a total roll in the mitt category, scroll down to see her version of 3!! pairs of mitts from the book.

amysuz’s ravelry stream has several book hats and emily’s ravelry stream has hats, mitts, scaves – you name it!!

the first of the headbands from the book looks great!!

a back alley hat in fabulous colors from paperkitty and a flutter neckscarf to boot (rav links).

my yarn:
my friend lynne who became addicted to knitting after sharing a booth with me at the may market made this neckscarf from my yarn.

when craft punk won the name game a while ago, she bought this yarn and then made these super cool mitts (rav link).

free patterns:
love this train tam with yoyos (rav link) and there is another fabulous train tam over on the ranger sarah blog.

check out the scrap-happiness that is jocelyngermany’s project page on ravelry. so many scrap-happy hats :)

and this bity geometric helmet hat makes me smile to no end.

that’s all for today.  i’m rucuperating from camp, anticipating scrabble, and expected a quasi-surprise visitor.  have a great weekend!

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