plotting, planning, and practicing

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plotting and planning

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here’s what we have tentatively planned for fiber arts camp, thanks to all of you who helped me with your fabulous ideas!

beads and snakes

i’m not very good at felting, but it’s fun! my snake wiggled free one of his pipe cleaners and you can see the pipe cleaner under his chin. i fully expect the kids to be better at this than i am.  the front bead is made of yarn, the others are made of roving.  does anyone know if these really need hot water poured over them?  they seem pretty felted to me…

with the hooks you see in the top

adina already has planned some weaving – bags or little cardboard loomed pieces and i picked up some yogurt containers that can be used to weave in and out of to make little baskets. to which i might like to add some paper weaving we’ll see.  we’re also planning lots of knitting, needle felting, sun printing, and tie dye.

snakey face

sounds like we have plenty of stuff!  now we just need to organize ourselves :)  i’m hoping for good weather so we can do lots of this outside.

3 thoughts on “plotting, planning, and practicing

  1. the beads should be fine without hot water. some folks in my spinners’ guild hand out soapy clumps of dyed wool to kids at fairs with instructions to squish and knead them until they stick. the parents get a plastic sandwich bag to store the damp wool ball until they get home and can let it dry overnight.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I’ve done felted beads with my hands and a bit of water, not even hot or soapy. You don’t want too much water otherwise the fibers will “float” and just slide by each other. I learned that at a felting class I took at Pennsic! It was cool. We made large sheets of felt by rolling them in a reed placemat. Maybe it’s something we could do next time I visit.

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