in the works

thanks and thanks again for all of your suggestions for fiber arts camp and for your congrats on the whole movie thing. for those of you who asked, not at all strange that you may go see the movie just to see the knits, thus will be the way for many people i know.  it’s understandable… a movie with so much cannibalism and all… as for me, it’s a movie i might have seen anyhow.

anatomy of a bsj in the works for the class i’m teaching. 3 people signed up!! hurrah! more on that as it unfolds (ha ha).
in the works

garden in the works – my tomato plants finally have a few ripe ones. they’re taking over the world, or at least the hedge and encroaching on the sidewalk. here’s hoping i planted the really strange colored ones (black, pink) down there so that no one steals them.
in the works

spinning in the works – the to-be-washed spinning shelf.  now put on hold for fiber arts camp and preparing to teach classes.
in the works

today, i’m working on reading up on fun fiber stuff to do with kids, just to make sure i know what i’m doing. i’ll probably make some samples this weekend and i’ll keep you posted as i plot and plan.

have a great day!!

3 thoughts on “in the works

  1. I love that last photo – great colors. Your plants have gotten so big since last I saw them! Wooo! Good luck with the kids. I have to read up for my spinning class at Saxon Summer too. I wonder if anyone will come this year…

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