the suspense…

has killed you, i know. now that the buzz is picking up i think it’s safe to show you what movie i was knitting for back in february.

the road

here’s a gallery of photos from which this one came :) it comes out in late november.

let us see if you can guess… my first full sized adult sweater was knit for ________________________?

knitting for this movie was fun.  i know others who have knit for movies and had a stupid time of it, but with this one i was given some creative license.  to give you a bit of a recap, i was working at the yarn store one day when a couple of people came in and inquired about getting some knitting done for a movie they were working on. while i was waiting around for my boss-type person to see if she could come up with someone (i just knew they wanted sweaters, and i didn’t want to knit sweaters) i finally asked what they needed. and they said hats!!

as for the knitting, initially they wanted 6 hats. the best part was that the hats needed to be post-apocalyptic and look like someone dug them out of a garbage heap – holes, runs, you name it. they picked the yarn, gave me some photos of what sort of hats they liked and i went to it. those were the most fun of all and to add to that, one is supposed to be worn by this gentleman.

next, i needed to knit 3 identical hats for the child in the movie. they were ribbed, brimmed, and this lovely lady is wearing one in one of the pics. in the end, the kid and his two doubles kept leaving their hats everywhere, so they had me make 3 more. therefore in the end i knit 6!! of these.  it was a bit much, but what can you do?

this sweater was the last thing i made for them… you can read about in the other entry if you’re interested.  it was fun and a challenge.  overall, a good experience and i’m pretty excited to organize a group to go see it on opening night :)  should be fun and silly with a lot of knitters involved.

20 thoughts on “the suspense…

  1. Wow that is so interesting! You go girl! You never cease to amaze me. I just love how creative you got to be with you knitting movie gig. How cool!

    I’m so excited because in my parallel universe in Lancaster I just got offered a part time job at a LYS! Please, do you have any tips on being a LYS employee/fiber artist? I’m super excited.

    XOXO Rachel-Marie

  2. Omigosh, soooo cool! I loved that book (does that make me a sicko?) and so did hubby – and because of your blog, I knew something entertainment-related that hubby didn’t! He was shocked to find out the movie’s coming out in Nov. – usually I’m the one completely in the dark (like I say to him, if it doesn’t break through the programming on Noggin, I don’t know anything about it!) Congrats – that is SOOOO awesome!

  3. First – that is awesome to get to knit for a movie. And might I venture a guess that the movie you knit your first sweater for is THE ROAD? It’s the only thing that popped into my head and it’s because it so vividly portrays that book.

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