fiber arts camp

so.  i just agreed to teach fiber arts camp at one of our local arts centers to 8-12 year olds – NEXT WEEK!!  yikes!

fiber arts camp

here’s the description:
Explore the vast array of art that can be created from fibers including string, yarn, fabric, paper, straw and more. Try your hand at weaving, dyeing and even painting with fibers. The art you make can be hung as paintings, displayed as sculptures, worn or used, or turned into installation art. Explore the endless possibilities.

the good news is that my friend adina (who got me the job) will be teaching one set of students in the morning and i’ll have another, then we switch – and she has it loosely set up already… but honestly, if any of you have FABULOUS ideas of what to do with these kids, i’d love it if you’d pass them along.

i’ve been collecting supplies while cleaning the yarn room.  good timing!

fiber arts camp

8 thoughts on “fiber arts camp

  1. I’ve done needle felting with 10-yr olds that went well. We made masks; starting with a piece of felt, cutting out the shape, eye-holes, etc, then needle felting it to embellish.
    Wet-felting small balls, which could be used as beads, toys, etc.
    If you have enough scraps of felted sweaters, those are fun to make into dolls, creatures, small bags, brooches, etc.
    I’ve done weaving with kids using a simple cardboard loom (rectangle with slits cut at each end. If you warp it by wrapping the yarn around both sides, then weave it going around and around the cardboard, when you pull it off it’s a little pouch. Flat weavings are nice, too.
    Finger crochet or knitting or I-cord making, then can make things with the long cords, felt them, or just play with them.
    Kool-aid dye (could be solar weather permitting).
    Have kids each bring in an old sweater, or provide them, and cut them up to sew simple hats, or whatever. can needle felt them.
    just some thoughts…have fun…those kids are lucky to have you for their camp!

  2. My daughter tried needle felting last year and was in love. She’s almost 8. I taught a kid’s knitting camp and we made huge corking or knitting spools out of coffee cans, roofing nails and duct tape. It was a good activity for when they were getting bored and antsy. Also I cannot speak more highly of the humble pom pom and the making of. Kids LOVE them.

  3. I can imagine that at that age I would have loved learning how to make different kinds of beads/tassles/pom-poms, etc. Things that could be strung together into bracelets or necklaces, or sewn to bags or hats or clothing as embellishments.

    -wet-felting beads
    -rolling strips of felted sweaters into cylindrical beads
    -stacking different shaped pieces of felt/fabric and tacking them together with a button (and maybe yarn fragments) to make flowers or abstract brooches
    -mixing different colors/textures of yarn into tassles or pom-poms
    -winding yarn around straws or small spools for more sculptural pieces…

    wow, you’re going to have so much fun!

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