yarn everywhere

here’s a yarnspace in the bedroom

and this box managed to escape the bookshelf

is it just me, or is it really hard to keep a 6X8 room clean when you have so much stuff in it?  my plan for the next week is, indeed, once again trying to get a viable yarn organization system of the yarn room. what’s this spurred by? i need to find stuff to donate to fiber arts camp at our local art center and it’s a month before any more craft fairs and after that i plan to be thoroughly ensconced in my favorite craft fairs – fall and winter!! so now or never, baby.

speaking of craft fairs. i’ve been short-listed for crafty bastards. apparently it’s a really short shortlist, so if anyone drops, there’s a good chance i’ll get in. keeping my fingers crossed!! we have some good friends in dc we’d like to visit and this would be the perfect opportunity.

otherwise, today i mailed in a check to be a part of the pittsburgh knit and crochet festival! now that’s a big obligation… but klotho and another friend will be there with me so it should be good. january, i will be spinning. a lot. this is a huge event for our area and i’m hoping it will be a success for us. it’s a bit scary since it’s a big commitment and a kind of show i’ve never done before.

lastly, all of the book knits and i will be at the grand opening of Knit One North – i’ll be signing my book and doing a spinning demo from 1-3 on Saturday. If you’re in the area, you should stop by! it will be yarn-filled and festive.

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