not quite the same as BSJ… but all things can’t be that ingenious ;)

i’ve had some crafty plottings and plannings going on behind the scenes lately. this afternoon was spent out on the porch working on PCC with two of my favorite crafty friends- emily and carrie.


and now we’d like to invite all of you (if you’re in the pittsburgh area or care about or wish to be a part of the pittsburgh craft scene) to join the Pittsburgh Craft Collective forums. us and several other crafty types have some big plans for this little collective and i’ll keep you updated as things come along.

just in case i’m seeming too official – here’s a slightly more normal photo for this blog and a slightly more scary photo of me.


5 thoughts on “PCC

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  2. I’d like to live in US to be friend of yours.
    Really… it seems to me that you are a WONDERFUL person.
    I’m brazilian and I love crochet and knitting (tricot for us).

  3. I just went and joined the forum after reading this. And I’m now a proud subscriber to your blog! I’m pals with Rachel-Marie from your book. I live between Lancaster and Pittsburgh. Cozette is one of the names on my shortlist for my currently still unnamed 6 week old daughter. Similar to yours, we’d call her Cozy. Now I have to go figure out how to use a forum, hmm…

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