work spaces

my mother-in-law is gone.

kitchen table
work spaces
work spaces

the roommates are gone.

coffee table
work spaces

entry way
work spaces

the house is ours!!

our second room upstairs
work spaces

dining room
work spaces

see notes by clicking the pictures over to flickr. i’ll have to clean it all up by wednesday when we go camping, but it sure does feel good to spread out :D what are your workspaces like? contained? spread out? organized? everywhere?

11 thoughts on “work spaces

  1. This post had me cracking up. You should see my house! Luckily Sweetie is very tolerant of my “spread” (spinning wheel, knitting, craft books in livingroom; scale, yarn, notebooks, ball-winder on dining table; dyeing set-up out on the deck; gourds drying upstairs in bedroom;yeh, kitchen & laundry room, too…and I even have an entire (small) room just for my studio!). I do try to keep things contained and tidy up whenever I leave for trips. I dream of a huge, lovely studio in my future….

  2. I daren’t even take a picture of my table (or settee) for fear people will think I’m a complete slob!

  3. My work space is the couch once the kids have gone to bed. I have to make sure that I put all knitting away in a high kitchen cupboard before I go to bed or else my darling daughter would unravel it the following morning. I do have a mosaic workspace in the garage which is a complete mess, I was out there yesterday working on a pot thinking that it needed a clean up, but didn’t get round to it..again, oh well maybe next time. Wow I love your button collection, my nan had one just like it and I remember having hours of fun with them..X

  4. I love all the buttons spread out!
    I like to spread out and leave the mess/inspiration out and just close the door behind me. At this point my new craft room is without a table, so that minimizes the disaster area and so far looks pretty clean. So far…

  5. ohhhhh yay!!!! Good for you!!! we are reclainiming our spaces too after an extra long visit from the inlaws…… such bliss!! thanx for the pix. Happy camping!!

  6. I just did a huge clean up/organization. So I’m trying to keep it that way. But our place is little. Organized chaos is the name of the game.

    I’m SO drooling over those buttons!

  7. I love to spread out too… one of the most wonderful things that has happened recently was the arrival of 2 sofas… now I get to hoard the whole big one for myself and my wips!!!

    Love the buttons!!!

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