thrifty, gifty

ben and i took katie to the airport today and went by the red, white and blue thrift store on our way back. i found some super good finds.

two bags of buttons are at the top of my list!! woot!!

and some on cards

plus the craziness of finding ROVING at the thrift store!! happened once before even.
sheepstone natural fibers from darlington, pa. one whole pound of the ugly tweed – i plan to dye it – and less of the nice brown.

i also found some sweaters for ripping, although they’re not so exciting for me to take a pic of them. while katie was here, we also hit a thrift store where i found, 8 skeins of this yarn
it’s more green and less blue, but lovely and heathered. Reynolds Versailles – 90% virgin wool and 10% vinyon

what’s vinyon? wikipedia to the rescue. i think the use of vinyon makes this yarn quite old. i was super happy to find this because, frankly, i very rarely find yarn at the thrift stores here.

as for gifted, a sheep mug.
handmade in ireland. ben’s been drinking coffee out of it. one of the monks at the monastery where ben plays the organ found it in the monastery kitchen and thought i needed it. cute cute.

and lastly, i got a set of dressers from my friend maggie’s aunt with this on it

very exciting. i’m thinking it must have been the logo of a furniture maker at some point. i saw it a week after i got this dresser on a mirror at our local building recycling place – construction junction.

time to go sort some buttons!  hurrah!  look for dyeing soon, the roomies are on vacation.

5 thoughts on “thrifty, gifty

  1. I’ve totally had bags o’buttons on the brain for the past couple of days, but haven’t been able to get out and look for some. Hopefully this is a sign…great finds!

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