signed, sealed, and delivered…

to the yarn store today. i think i need to make a sample of at least one (bsj or baby sweater on two needles) for the other yarn store i teach at (knit one is opening another store north of the city). apparently two people have signed up for my first class up there!! yay!

the best color-wise
baby sweater on two needles

bit of a closer look at the little buttons
baby sweater on two needles

baby sweater on two needles

photography-wise, this color drives me crazy.  so you got the best of the best, with my foot and a tomato plant to boot.

you still have the chance to name some yarn here if you’re so inclined ;)  i’d love your input

and in february lady sweater news, i’ve officially run out of yarn before i was done. so instead of cute, i’m going for a bit more technicolor dream coat meets lace. i’m thinking of using different shades of green to extend the cuffs to 3/4 length and then putting green buttons on to draw it all together. we’ll see. ideas are still percolating. i’ve seen too many versions of the sweater with just over the elbows 3/4 length which i will not be doing.

have a good tuesday! i’m taking my mother and the qiviut to show and tell at knitting group. should be fun :)

4 thoughts on “signed, sealed, and delivered…

  1. The little jumper looks realy good. Looking forward to seeing the completed Feb Lady Sweater… I really want to knit this myself, checked out the pics on Ravelry, think that the yarn you are using is the best. Wonder if I could get that here in NZ???? have a fun day at the yarn store tody, what a great job……X

  2. Adorable sweater. I’ve had a really hard time photographing that shade of green also. It just gets washed out so easily. hm. Are you going to get to see it on someone?

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