Quick~! II

you know the rules! but if you’re new and haven’t palyed before, i’ll refer you to here. and although i don’t mention it, you do get a couple bucks off of shipping to elsewhere outside the US and the *special* still holds. this game ends on tuesday at 9 eastern standard time, with names up wednesday morning. if your name gets picked and you want the yarn, either leave a comment or email me at cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com on wednesday… after that, it’s up for grabs to everyone else, a craft fair next weekend and then etsy!
if you want to play, you can either comment here with the numbers, or click the pics into flickr and comment there.

what do i remind you of?

what would you call me?

i could use a name

4 the first skein spun on the new wheel :)  matches self striping blueberry pie from the last batch
name me!

i'd love a name...

6  self striping navajo plied – i think it goes purple-green-gold-green-purple, but i don’t quite remember
what do i remind you of?

7 turquoise is like a ghost to my camera
name me!

and two bonus skeins just to show you all –
the one i’m keeping which i couldn’t get a good picture of if i begged it.  i kind of wanted to keep it anyhow, so good excuse. it’s slated for an idea that might be part of a future book proposal, so you may not see it again anytime soon.


and the one my mother-in-law watched me spin at the craft fair and now is buying – she named it wheat and honey.  same colorway as the thick and thin above.

wheat and honey

12 thoughts on “Quick~! II

  1. here it goes:
    1. Chance of Rain over Cherry Orchards.
    2. City Park.
    3. Beehive.
    4. Loverly.
    5. Pinky Swear.
    6. When purple met yellow and forsook all others.
    7. A ghostlier shade of turquoise.

    P.S. I would love to own one of #1!

  2. Actually, #1 reminds me more of the milk left over in the bowl after eating the Cocoa Pebbles, but that doesn’t flow so well as a name. LOL

  3. 1. Painted desert
    2. Grasshopper
    3. Honey marmalade
    4. Forget-me-not
    5. Taffy Tango
    6. New Horizons
    7. Cloudless Sky

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