twirly girlies…

first of all, thank you for all of the great advice on the buttons!! and compliments on the little sweater.  i’m going to compromise – the little olive ones with the flower one on top.*  we’ll see.  i’m going to do some blocking first and then i’ll show you the finished finished product.

yesterday, before it got too hot, i sat on the porch and finished the first twirlies since the book one (ravelry link). both are made to what the book calls size small, which i think fits my size medium head just fine, thank you very much (22 in. around).

blue twirly bonnet
blue twirly bonnet

handspun from a batt from black cat handspun
seen here.

blue twirly bonnet

i love how old fashioned these look!! i think the glasses might help ;)

buttercup bonnet
buttercup bonnet

my hand dyed handspun yarn
and one big old button which needed a good home

buttercup bonnet

no embroidery on this one since the button is so spectacular.  i really enjoy doing this pattern in handspun yarns, so if you’re thinking of trying it, consider giving some handspun a try.

have a great weekend!  more name game come monday.

*EDIT cheryl was over today looking through the button collection for some buttons and we decided on the shiny little olive ones… finished pics soon!

3 thoughts on “twirly girlies…

  1. I love the yellow button. So gorgeous. I’m definitely going to make one of these when I produce my own handspun!

  2. Those bonnets are wonderful, and you’re right they have a great old fashioned look! I think I’ll just have to knit one for myself too. :)

  3. Awww, beautiful! I love the way that batt spun up! Thanks for the plug, too, dearie!

    I will get to your batts this week and post pics in my Flickr when they’re done!

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