green apple february baby sweater

i took a break from my lady sweater to make the baby sweater it is based on. it’s a sample for a class i’m slated to teach at the the shop. i also delivered this bsj there for a bit.

february baby sweater

recycled banana republic sweater – lambswool/nylon/cashmere
so soft and so baby

another totally fun and ingenious knit brought to you by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

now to the issue at hand… which buttons do i use?

sorry for the bad photo. the colors are more accurate in the top one.
february baby sweater

i’m leaning toward the ones you see lined up here, but the card of little shiny olive green ones are tempting me. this sweater is so cute and old-timey that the little shiny buttons might have been made for it back in the day. i’m also quite enamored with the little flower at the top of the current row. hmmm. any opinions?

13 thoughts on “green apple february baby sweater

  1. Oh, I love the smaller shiny olive ones the best! I think they would be perfect. I also like the little blue flower. I don’t care for the larger ones with this sweater at all. Very pretty sweater!! :)

  2. The sweater is absolutely beautiful…and I think the little shiny olive buttons on the card are the cutest!

  3. The flower button at the top is so nice and sweet. I also really like the tiny olive buttons on the card too, so I think either one would be suitable.

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