too much

carbon dioxide/for me to breathe.  i woke up this morning with that lyric in my head.  we could say ‘too much handspun yarn/for me to name.’  here’s the next batch, all spun at the really long artists market with the new wheel.  but i’ll not make you name it yet.


i do have to say that you all did a splendid job proposing names for that last batch of yarns that i may just extend the larger discount when we do this name game next week.  that said, ben and i had a difficult time deciding what to call several of the skeins because we liked so many entries.  you can see the names we finally chose here by clicking on the pictures.

drying out of doors

tomorrow? a fairly finished knit with some advice asked. stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “too much

  1. Seeing all your beautiful yarn really makes me want to try spinning. I think that I might go down to my local art centre as they hold a spinners group on a Saturday. Maybe I should wait until I am better at knitting???? I guess it won’t hurt to go look. Sorry I am babbling, all I wanted to really say is that I find your blog so colourful and inspiring..x

  2. woot w00t
    I`m gonna claim me my soft serve.
    Hmmmm, I`m going to need some ideas for what to knit with it.
    I guess I better get your book as well.

    (See what I did there? Pretending that I haven’t been looking forward to having that book in my grubby little paws for the last like, 3 years?)

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