southside exposed artists market

the first day:

by the second day, i had the tables in an L shape, but one of the irritations of this show was that they had free space in between the back of booths that they didn’t shut off, so most people walked up the middle of the tents (i.e. the back side alley) when we were supposed to be facing the other way.

i’ve found that leaving the hats in a garbled mess invites people to dig through them :) although it was a bit hot for even that on saturday.

not the best show in the world. fun friday, too long saturday (12 hrs!!), and okay sunday. not enough money made for me to want to go back for the price of the show, however, there must be something said for being local and giving out business cards. i told at least 10 people interested that i teach at the lys, and that was good.  i also made some other contacts that may come to something.

the new wheel?  lovely.  if nothing else, i adore it for drawing people in to chat with me and talking about woolie things.  i also have to tell you that i think i know every style that is fashionable this season just by watching the way too hip people who shop in this area of town stroll by.

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