name some of these so i can list them in the shop and sell them :)

special this time only since i’m making you work fast – first dibs, 10% off and free shipping in the US if your name recommendation (or any part of your name recommendation) gets picked.

what do i remind you of?

2  this skein is lonely since its partner sold at the last fair.
name me!

3  much more punchy than it appears here
i could use a name...

4 50/50 merino/tencel
name me!

what would you call me?

6 i’ve been really trying not to ball this one up and knit with it…
i could use a name

7 3-ply striping yarn
name me!!

what do i remind you of?

9 grey shetland over dyed
i really need a name...

game ends wednesday at 10.  be sure to check early thursday, cause i’m hankering to list stuff on etsy!

13 thoughts on “QUICK!!

  1. ok here are my suggestions:
    1. Deep Ocean or Aquarius
    2. Orchard
    3. Spring Meadow
    4. Fruit Smoothie
    5. Grape Vine
    6. Tropical Fishies
    7. Stormy Skies
    8. A day at the beach
    9. Abyss

  2. …and mine:
    1. Surf’s Up
    2. Sand Fairy
    3. Sea Glass
    4. Nest Egg
    5. Waterweed
    6. Fruit Juice
    7. Twilight
    8. Miss Ellen
    9. Deep Water

  3. 1:Treading Water
    2:Cinnamon Tan Lines
    3:Gardenia Cocktail
    4:May Wedding
    5:Dappled Lawn
    6:Herb Tiara
    7:Octopi’s Lair
    9:Secret Cove

  4. 1. Pan’s Mermaid Lagoon
    2. Prairie Lion
    3. Pony Tale
    4. Baby’s Room
    5. Grape Juice
    6. Hockey Jersey Mix
    7. Stormy Skyline
    8. Lazy Puffy Clouds
    9. Gritty City

  5. 1. Trunk Bay Blues
    2. Gooey Peach Cobbler
    3. Jungle Boogie
    4. Opal-Essence
    5. Octopus’s Garden
    6. Tutti Frutti
    7. Professor Plum
    8. Bubble Gum Ice Cream
    9. Sailor’s Delight

  6. 1. Jewel of the Navajo
    2. Dusk on the Desert
    3. Ambrosia Apple
    4. Sorbet
    5. Vineyard
    6. Clown Pants
    7. Morning Glories
    8. Painted Desert
    9. Late Night TV

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