blurry alpaca rainbow

i totally stole this photo from leethal… but i’ve a new pet skein. i could stare at it and fondle it’s alpaca goodness all day.

more photos here

i can’t decide whether to keep it as a pet, or to ball it up and knit it into a pet i could wear. life is so hard.

5 thoughts on “blurry alpaca rainbow

  1. Oh my is that lovely or what? Choices, choices, choices… so limiting by the very nature.

    Geez lousie is that a gorgeous little skein!

  2. I would probably keep it as a skein – but you know how much yarn I have hanging around the house! It is beautiful.

  3. knit it! knit it! ok i’m biased, but i’m so excited to see what you do with it! but no rush, wait till you get to know it first…

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