the new kid on the block

showed up yesterday – when i had waited around all day – 10 min. before i had to leave. argh.


so, of course, i stayed up really late spinning on her.

kromski sonata

i love her. my first brand spanking new wheel, and she’s a traveler* at that, which is why we got her… but i’m also a complete skeptical of her. she’s almost too easy to spin on. all of the other wheels around here are temperamental single treadles… and i must admit that they match my personality a bit better than the newbie. should your spinning wheel match your temperament? that’s the question. i’m sure we’ll get along fine once we get used to each other :D

she showed up just in time for the really crazy hours of the festival i’ll be at this weekend. with me at the festival will be my only knitting relative – my mother-in-law katie – and this heap o’ yarn as well as ALL my stock of yarns and hats and whatever else i have! i get a whole tent and plan to make use of it.

new yarns

you, my dears, will also be benefiting from my first rejection to an indie craft fair. would have thought the having a book would have helped, but apparently not ;) for you this means you might actually get to purchase some of my yarn!!** i have no craft fairs next month and way way way too much stuff on the table for the small one i have in a couple of weeks so i will be putting lots of yarns up on etsy… oh and the hats i’ve been slacking on entering will be put up too. if teaching doesn’t keep me too busy, maybe you’ll be lucky and see some dyed roving go up too. oh la la!

just as a side note, i’m not too bummed about the fair because no craft fairs in august means i might actually get to go camping this summer which makes me more than happy.

*folds up and fits in a backpack!!
**just kidding – you know i’d sell it to you if you really wanted it, right?

5 thoughts on “the new kid on the block

  1. I can’t believe they rejected you!? The new wheel looks great and you can carry it in a pack? That is amazing. How much does it weigh?

  2. oh my! I tried this wheel out sometime last year at a fiber festival and it was like butter. And, when OTHER people used it, it was super super fast.

    You’ll have to let us know how you like it after putting it through the wringer, as I’m sure you will.

    and I have to stop reading your posts about beautiful yarn right before work. It makes working and not thinking about the WIP BSJ* in my bag impossible.

    *All your fault.

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