recent – as of last thursday – i am now teaching knitting as well as spinning at the yarn store!! i love teaching, so this is a very welcome expansion of my job description.  i also feel like teaching is a big part of who i am as a person… so it will help to make the fiber arts job more whole too.

me teaching melissa, my friend’s daughter
teaching melissa

the classes don’t appear to be up on the website yet, but i’m doing a baby surprise sweater/february baby sweater class just to get people started and help them to understand EZ, beginning knitting, creative accessory design (based on my book!!) and something this store calls ‘Knit with Cosy’ which is essentially, get help on whatever you need help on or continue another class or learn anything i know that you want to know… you get the picture!  and, of course, i’m still teaching spinning.

there’s also another Knit One opening in Cranberry/Mars and I’ll be there every other Friday! I’m sooo excited to be teaching again. huzzah!

2 thoughts on “teaching!!

  1. Congrats! I understand your feelings about teaching entirely, and I’m so happy for you that you’ve got this opportunity to do something you love and, no doubt, do so well.

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